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So happy to be releasing my first solo album “NOTTE” 
I relate the drums sound to nature. 
Growing up in the tuscan hillside, surrounded by woodlands and streams, I’ve always been inspired by those elements and sounds. Traveling a lot (thanks to music) I discovered and learned voices and sounds of different cultures and different scenery. Those sounds are now part of me, and I keep them with me to create my own voice, my own breath. 
In “Notte” I explore my instrument as a sonic world, in a journey through my emotions as I funnel them into my playing. 

The force of nature will always be superior to everything. Like an ocean wave that overwhelms and transports you at will, without the storm and rain life would cease to be.Without understanding who you are happiness cannot come to you. 

All compositions by Piero Perelli 
Produced by Piero Perelli 


Emma Morton Vox on Belgrado 
Seth Young Ford Dowble bass on Belgrado 
Simone Giuliani Piano on Lightless 
Luca Giovacchini Guitar on Cuore 
Andrea Biagioni Lapsteel on Bosco 

Mixed By Piero Perelli, Ivano Giovedi, Roberto Villa, L'amor Mio non Muore 
Master By Ivano Giovedi Waveroof Studio 

Design Artwork by Francesco Puccinelli


€ 25,00Prezzo
  • Limited editions ( 300 ) copy of “NOTTE” Transparent Vinyl records

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