Italian Drummer, Sound Explorer, maker Piero Perelli is a musical maverick whose skills stretch from free improvisation to film scores with international artists and musicians, both live and in the studio. 

His original style is grounded in his journey as a musical explorer, touring around United States, Europe, Africa, India with different bands, ended up in a residence in Los Angeles.


Last of two sisters and one brother, growing up in the Tuscan woods, nature was his first connection to sound at an early age, he often says that the sound of the river near his house and the trees were his first musical inspiration.


Perelli has developed a very personal drumming style, which has also led him to be involved from artists and producers around the world. 


In recent years he has collaborated with Eddie Vedder, Glen Hansard, Cat Power for the music of Sean Penn Movie, Flag Day


With Don Antonio And The Graces released their first band album, Colorama: takes it all back to instrumental music, spacey twang, between italian soundtrack, American and African deserts, borderlines, and Emilia-Romagna weird folklore. Even before the release, the music was picked up by Netflix to be the sound of their Wanna show “Wanna – Fortune Seller”.


Piero is also the drummer for the soundtrack of “L’italiano che invento l’America Sergio Leone” movie by Francesco Zippel featuring Quentin Tarantino, Robert De Niro, Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood.


Engaged both in the service of songs and in experimentation (Dana Fuchs, Emma Morton and The Graces, Luke Winslow King), Perelli maintains the creative center of his activity in the Tuscan countryside, where he has also created his own personal laboratory-studio, the SoundSet Studio


Here in addition to recording with international artists and producers such as Robin Hannibal (Kendrick Lamar, Little Dragon), Vinicio Capossela, Paul Savoy (A-Ha) Simone Giuliani (Andrea Bocelli, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra), Rodrigo DʼErasmo, Edoardo Bennato, Roberto Dell’Era, Niki La Rosa, Effenberg, Andrea Biagioni and many others, have also recorded a library of their specific sounds and grooves and loops for the American That Sound made available to producers from all over the world.


Piero is in a constant dialogue with artist from diverse backgrounds, 

Recent collaborations have led him to create a performance of spoken word poetry, dance and music, with his sister, Artist, performer, Giulia Perelli


In the next few months his first solo album Notte will be released, a piece of work where Piero expresses his most intimate and experimental soul.


Piero Perelli is endorsed by A&F Drum, Istanbul Agop, Remo DrumsHead, Vic Firth, Big Fat Snare, Tackle Supply Co. and Stefy Line.




Playing with:

Eddie Vedder, Glen Hansard, Robin Hannibal, Paul Savoy, Francesco Motta, Taketo Gohara, Vinicio Capossela, Dana Fuchs, Popa Chubby, Edoardo Bennato, Rodrigo D'erasmo, Roberto Dell'Era,  Antonio Gramentieri, Niki La Rosa, Roberto Luti, Emma Morton, Luca Giovacchini, Andrea Biagioni, Carmen Vandemberg, Stefano Pilia, Lyell Roader, Jack Daley, Joel Van Dijk, Seth Ford, Thomas Drayton, Delilah Montagu, August Rosenbaum, Gabriele Evangelista, Danilo Gallo, Aaron Liddard, Beppe Scardino, Paolo Venturi, ColonelV, Nicola Peruq, Roberto Villa, Ines Sibun, Guitar Crusher, Jaime Dolce, Walter Latupeirissa, Barend Courbois, Andrew Michael Ross, Tim Paters, Eric Van Oppen, Mia Cooper, Patrix Duenas, Gatti Mezzi, Giuseppe Scarpato, Rudy Rotta,  ASHU, Matteo Buzzanca, Giuliano Dottori, Joel Holmes, Jon Diamond, Neco Novellas, Bob Fridzeman, Simone Giuliani, Badara Seck, Federico De’ Robertis, Riccardo Onori, Michele Beneforti, Marco Bachi, Marco Galiero, Michele Papadia, Daniele Gigli, Rick Hutton, Nicola Fanucchi, Giulia Perelli, David Ragghianti, Effenberg,  Paolo Pewe Durante, Dimitri Grechi Espinoza, Jordy Able.