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High Vibrations 


I played drums in the clouds at 1858 meters!

I performed in direct conversation with the mountain. I also recorded this experience which I will be releasing as an album. 

I started playing drums when I was five year old, and I relate the sound of the drums with my own voice. When I play drums it is a visceral connection with my emotions and feelings. Up there on the top of the mountain I was in conversation with a different world, an expansive world that I had yet to communicate with. 


When I decided to create High Vibration, it came into my mind like a freight train. I started to think of what I wanted for my life and what I was missing on my own journey, I wanted to experience something completely different with sound, I wanted to experience it with a group of people, I wanted create an experience that was about more than just sound; about emotion, unity, and shared moments of awe. Creating an extraordinary adventure where the drums become a conduit for a profound conversation with the mountain, and our collective emotions become the heartbeat of our journey. Discovering the magic that happens when we use sound to connect, to inspire and to create a harmonious dialogue with the mountains and each other."


Finally deciding to go for it, I had a small window of time between a european tour and a tour in the USA. The only time possible was now, we needed to make the hike before the seasons changed and the snow came in and made the mountain pass impossible. 


It wasn’t easy, we all carried heavy backpacks, each with a pece of drums on his or her shoulders, we were together, step by step hiking in complete silence, discovering the sounds of the mountain and with it accessing the deepest well of our emotions! 


We had a musical conversation with the highest peak of Tuscany, it was magic, it was powerful and it was deeply moving. Now it’s time to take this journey and experience around the globe, discovering the sound and deep emotions of different lands! 


High Vibration - Tuscany

Photo: Clara Berchielli 

Title: “High Vibrations: "Harmony on the Trail"




"Join a courageous group on a breathtaking expedition to the summit of Tuscany's highest peak, where the power of silence meets the heartbeat of drums. In this unparalleled journey, they craft an extraordinary solo drum album, resonating with the mountain's soul and the profound emotions of their incredible ascent."




“High Vibrations Tuscany” is an awe-inspiring documentary that chronicles an extraordinary journey to the summit of Tuscany's majestic peak. 

This epic hike transcends the ordinary, blending the profound elements of silence, music, and raw human emotions. We follow a diverse group of adventurers who set out on a challenging ascent, each carrying a drum in silence to the mountain's peak. 


Their mission: to carry a set of drums in silence to the mountain's summit and create an album of music like no other, that captures the essence of their ascent, the resonance of the mountain, and the deepest emotions evoked by this incredible adventure harnessing the energy of the natural world to inspire their creative souls, using the mountain as their recording studio.


As we accompany this remarkable group, we witness their physical and spiritual journey, their resilience in the face of adversity, and the breathtaking beauty of the mountain landscapes.


“High Vibrations” is not just a documentary about a physical journey but a deep exploration of the human spirit. We capture the musicians creative process, the raw emotions they channel into their drumming amidst the thin air, and the breathtaking vistas that inspire their music. The documentary beautifully weaves together stunning cinematography, immersive soundscapes, and intimate interviews to transport the audience into this world of wonder, reflection, and transformation.



Key Highlights:

* Breathtaking cinematography showcasing the beauty of Tuscany's highest peak.

* The world's first attempt to record a solo drum album atop a mountain in silence.

* Exclusive interviews with musicians, mountaineers, and adventurers.

* Profound personal stories of perseverance, inspiration, and artistic exploration.

* The creation of a unique and emotionally charged musical masterpiece.


Target Audience:

"Summit Sounds" is an awe-inspiring documentary that appeals to adventure seekers, art lovers, music enthusiasts, and anyone fascinated by the intersection of human creativity and the natural world.


Themes and Message:

The film explores themes of human resilience, the limitless potential of creativity, the deep connection between humanity and nature, and the profound impact of silence in high-stress environments.


Production Team:

* Director: Piero Perelli - Emanuele Michetti 

* Producer: Piero Perelli - Emanuele Michetti 

* Cinematographer: Emanuele Michetti 

* Editor: Emanuele Michetti 

* Composer: Piero Perelli 

* Sound Engineer: Piero Perelli 


Distribution Strategy:

Our strategy includes submitting “High “Vibrations to prestigious film festivals and forming partnerships with streaming platforms to ensure a global audience can witness this remarkable journey and musical achievement.


Contact Information:

Piero Perelli

+39 3285331360

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